High quality 3D rendered image, perfectly usable for topics related to big data, global networks, international flight routes or the spread of a pandemic / computer virus. Textures courtesy of NASA.

How will the pandemic shape the future of global leadership?

“Covid-19 and Great Power Competition” Virtual Outreach Seminar

The Marshall Center’s Strategic Initiatives Department and Alumni Department organized a virtual event on “Covid-19 and Great Power Competition” with thirty-five participants from eighteen different countries. Three Marshall Center speakers introduced the topic: Dr. Andrew Michta, Dr. Graeme Herd and Dr. Pal Dunay, and Dr. Valbona Zeneli and Dr. Suzanne Loftus moderated the conversation.

The focus of the seminar was on how Covid-19 is affecting the countries of participants and their national security. Participants discussed the help they are receiving from the United States, the EU, and China and how it is shaping the perceptions of that actor in the country. Questions were raised on how the pandemic will shape the future of global leadership and how great power competition is playing in their countries/regions.

The event took place virtually and was organized from Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany on April 24, 2020.

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