Dr. Graeme P. Herd

Professor of transnational security studies, Dr. Graeme Herd talks about approaches to international relations today in our 2020 Program on Applied Security Studies Main Modules Course.
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Dr. Graeme P. Herd

Dr. Graeme P. Herd

Transnational Security Studies

Graeme P. Herd is a Professor of Transnational Security Studies and chair of the Research and Policy Analysis Department at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies (GCMC). From January 2021, Dr. Graeme Herd directs a new GCMC Russia Hybrid monthly Seminar Series which focuses on Russian risk calculus, red lines and crisis behavior and the implications of this for policy responses for the United States, Germany, friends and allies.”   

Before joining the GCMC Graeme was appointed Professor of International Relations and founding Director of the School of Government, and Associate Dean, Faculty of Business, University of Plymouth, UK (2013-14).  He established the ‘Centre for Seapower and Strategy’ at the Britannia Royal Naval Academy, Dartmouth. He has an MA in History-Classical Studies from the University of Aberdeen (1989), and a PhD in Russian history, University of Aberdeen (1995). 


Graeme has published nine books, written over 70 academic papers and delivered over 100 academic and policy-related presentations in 46 countries.  He is currently writing a manuscript that examines the relationship between Russia’s strategic culture and President Putin’s operational code on decision-making in Russia today.  He also is the coordinator of an edited book project entitled ‘Russia’s Global Reach – a Statecraft Assessment’ in conjunction with faculty from the GCMC and four other regional centers and selected external experts.  This manuscript will be published in early 2021. Other major recent book publications include:

Understanding NATO in the 21st Century: Alliance Strategies, Security and Global Governance, ed. John Kriendler, (London and New York: Routledge, 2013).

with Nayef Al-Rodhan and Lisa Watanabe, Critical Turning Points in the Middle East, 1915-2015 (London: Palgrave MacMillan, 2011).

Great Powers and Strategic Stability in the 21st Century: Competing Visions of World Order, ed. Graeme P. Herd (London: Routledge, 2010).

with Paul Dukes and Jarmo Kotilaine, Stuarts and Romanovs: The Rise and Fall of a Special Relationship (Dundee: Dundee University Press, 2009).

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