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NATO Writing Strategies

The NATO Writing Strategies Course is a fully online course for current or future staff officers designed to develop their work-related writing skills and to familiarize them with strategies for producing written documents and correspondence in accordance with NATO conventions. The four-week/30-hour course includes online synchronous sessions and asynchronous assignments, as well as online conferencing for providing participants with individualized feedback on their writing. The self-paced online English Language Training Enhancement Course 2 is an important component. By the end of the course, participants are expected to: 

  • produce clear, concise and well-organized writing 
  • demonstrate STANAG 6001 Level 3 (professional) writing proficiency 
  • implement standard NATO conventions in written documents and correspondence 
  • apply the principles of the writing process
  • develop editing skills (self-editing and peer-editing) 



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Twelve weeks before the start of each course, invitations are issued to national Bureau for International Language Coordination points of contact. Applications from qualified candidates are due no later than six weeks before the course starts; actual deadlines are stated in each invitation. Partner nations using e-Prime or with Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe Partnership funded seats must still apply in accordance with invitation instructions and within the prescribed time frame. Email: BILC [at] (BILC[at]marshallcenter[dot]org)

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