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NATO Standardization Courses

PLTCE’s English Department Courses for language teachers and testers as well as the online writing course for NATO staff officers have been certified as NATO Approved.  This designation comes as part of the PLTCE accreditation status as well as through meeting the additional requirements of NATO ACT quality assurance.

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The Language Testing Seminar is the foundation course for English language professionals who will be responsible for developing proficiency tests to NATO standards.
A fully online course for current or future staff officers designed to develop their work-related writing skills and to familiarize them with strategies for producing written documents and correspondence IAW NATO conventions.
The Advanced Language Testing Seminar is a highly technical seminar for experienced STANAG 6001 test developers.
The aim of the English Language Faculty Development Workshop is to familiarize experienced English teachers with current language teaching methodologies and practices.
The Language Standards and Assessment Seminar is an interactive seminar that familiarizes participants with the NATO standards for language proficiency.