Marshall Center Professor Joined Panel at the 2022 Senior Leaders' Course of the Baltic Defence College in Riga

CISS Professor visits Riga

Marshall Center Professor Joined Panel at the 2022 Senior Leaders' Course of the Baltic Defence College in Riga

By College of International Security Studies
George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies

RIGA, Latvia (Apr 26, 2022) – Dr. Sebastian von Münchow, Director of the European Security Seminars East, as well as on EU-NATO Cooperation travelled to the Riga-based Baltic Defence College. He joined an experts’ panel with academics from the European Council on Foreign Relations, the Military Academy of Lithuania and a former Commander of the Allied Joint Force Command. The panelists exchanged their views on the military and political impact of the Russo-Ukrainian war for Euro-Atlantic security.

“This year’s Senior Leaders Course took place in the light of the Russian invasion in Ukraine. The Baltic Defence College’s aim of the SLC is to prepare senior leaders for future challenges by improving their strategic vision and enhancing their capacity to better lead and manage their respective institutions. It provides a forum for creating and exchanging new ideas, as well as enables the establishment of mutually beneficial networks”, explains Sebastian von Münchow.

Major General Juris Maklakovs, the Commander of Latvia’s National Armed Forces, added: “I am thankful that the Marshall Center sent a speaker to our course. This was a very central panel. Sebastian described various future scenarios in relation to the war in Ukraine. It encouraged the course participants to think beyond the current military implications of the armed conflict”.

Dr. von Münchow concluded: “These are difficult days for Euro-Atlantic security and tragic days for our friends in Ukraine. The Marshall Center has addressed the Russian illegal armed attack against Ukraine in its recent European Security Seminar – East, and it will do so in the up-coming resident course on EU-NATO Cooperation in Garmisch-Partenkirchen next week. However, I am very happy and honored the Baltic Defence College has invited me to such an important event with fruitful discussion by engaged Generals and Colonels from NATO countries. I have also learned a lot and feel inspired to share insights with my colleagues and our course participants in Bavaria next week.”