Fellows / Joint Professional Military Education (JPME)

The U.S. Senior Fellows Program provides a regionally focused, professional education experience at the senior service school level for U.S. Army, Navy, and Air Force officers of the rank of Major to Colonel. Fellows are selected by their respective services for the eleven-month program, during which they participate in a variety of Marshall Center resident courses and conferences and, if suitably qualified and experienced, have the opportunity to teach as co-seminar leaders.

Fellows also conduct research on a security affairs topic under the mentorship of a faculty member, present their findings to the Marshall Center faculty and produce a paper that may be published in professional or academic journals. Fellows also have the option of attending professionally relevant courses at the NATO School, Oberammergau. The fellowship program concludes with a “Capstone Field Study,” organized by the fellows, to relevant institutions and countries within the European theatre.

Through their coursework, research, writing, and interaction with other participants in resident programs, Fellows enhance their general understanding of international and security affairs, while developing specialist knowledge of European and Eurasian security issues. Fellows can receive senior service college credit upon completion of the program and are well equipped to serve either in the region or as a senior staff officer dealing with regional issues.

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