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College Courses

The Marshall Center’s College of International and Security Studies offers military and civilian officials resident courses that focus on democratic defense management and national, regional and international security.

The Marshall Center also partners with the Bundeswehr University in Munich for a 12-month Master in International Security Studies postgraduate degree. It is an international, policy-oriented program, designed especially for the requirements of military, diplomatic and other governmental institutions. The MISS aims at preparing future leaders for executive assignments in national and international military, diplomatic, governmental and private services, providing them with an extensive, practice-oriented knowledge of security studies, international law, strategic studies, terrorism, stability operations and civil security.

In addition to its resident programs, the College also hosts the Eurasian Foreign Area Officer Program, and the U.S. Senior and International Fellows Programs.

European Security Seminar-East  and Seminar on Regional Security are taught simultaneously in English and Russian. All other courses are offered in English only.

The Program on Countering Transnational Organized Crime (CTOC) focuses on the national security threats posed by transnational criminal organizations (TCOs). The course is designed for government officials and practitioners who are engaged in strategy
This forum creates an opportunity for law enforcement executives at the principal and deputy level, along with their counterpart policy experts, to examine the most critical challenges in combating transnational organized crime.
This one-week seminar analyzes security issues related to Europe’s Eastern flank.
The European Security Seminar EU-NATO Cooperation was launched in 2021. It is a one-week resident course deepening the understanding and impact of NATO and EU cooperation
This seminar, co-hosted with the Ted Stevens Center for Arctic Security Studies, brings together mid to senior level security practitioners, policymakers, and academic experts to develop actionable recommendations to manage the security environment
This one-week seminar analyzes security issues related to Europe’s Southern flank, including the impact of developments within Africa, the Mediterranean and the Middle East on European and Euro-Atlantic security.
PASS is a graduate-level program in International Security Studies (ISS). In FY23, PASS will be a hybrid event: two weeks of virtual instruction followed by eight weeks in-residence.
A comprehensive program to explore the increasing domestic, international and transnational challenges in cyber security.
Participants examine terrorist actions and capabilities while discussing, sharing and providing best practices for comprehensive whole-of-government and whole-of-society solutions.
Senior Executive Seminar (SES) will focus on the future of our partnerships in an era of persistent strategic competition combined with multiple other interconnected and concurrent global and transnational challenges, including widespread instability,
It places particular emphasis on specific topics related to strategic competition and the role of external actors, hybrid and irregular challenges, and Euro Atlantic integration and cooperation.
The Seminar analyzes a range of IW/HT tactics including coercive economics, the use of proxy forces, cyberwarfare, disinformation operations, and “lawfare.”
The four-week Seminar on Regional Security (SRS) takes place in spring and hosts mid- to senior working level military (Major through junior Flag Officers) and civilian government officials who have clear professional interest in and background knowledge