Marshall Center Course Teaches Professionals to Develop a National Strategy to Fight Criminals

84 Participants from 59 Countries Attend CTOC

Marshall Center Course Teaches Professionals to Develop a National Strategy to Fight Criminals

By Public Affairs Office
George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies

GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN, Germany (April 12, 2016) – There are 84 participants from 59 countries attending the Program on Countering Transnational Organized Crime.

Class Composition/demographics are: 42 are from the military in ranks Officer 01 to 07, and one Warrant Officer; 45 are civilian; 72 males and 15 females; 13 alumni. Combatant Commands represented: 12 from U.S. Africa Command; five from U.S. Central Command; 31 from U.S. European Command; 11 from U.S. Northern Command; 12 from U.S. Pacific Command; and, 16 from U.S. Southern Command. Organizations: 42 from the Ministry of Defense; one from Defense Security Cooperation Agency Regional Center; three from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; 18 from Ministry of Interior; one from Judicial Branch; two from Ministry of Justice; two from Legislative Branch; seven from cabinet-level ministries; and, 10 from police organizations.

Held twice a year at the Marshall Center, CTOC focuses on 21st century national security threats as a result of illicit trafficking and other criminal activities.

CTOC began April 6 and will end April 21.

Since the start, participants have received presentations on “Crime and Corruption,” “United Nation’s Convention on Transnational Organized Crime,” “Developing a National Strategy,” “Prosecuting Corruption,” “Drug Trafficking Trends in Latin America, Europe, Africa and South West Asia,” and “Investigating Global Drug Trafficking Trends.”

They heard from the following guest speakers: Michael Bullota from the U.S. Department of Justice; Dr. Riikka Puttonen from United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime; Steven Johnston from The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy; Lisa Holtryn from U.S. Department of Justice; James Crotty from U.S. Department of Justice; Ross Mooney from U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency; Supervisory Special Agent  David Caunter from U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency; and, Special Agent Matthew Malmquist from U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

For the rest of the week, participants will hear the following presentations: “Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling” from CTOC Course Director Professor Steven R. Monaco and Italian navy Rear Adm. (Ret.) Alberto Cervone, former Marshall Center professor of security studies and Italian Defense Chair; “European Responses to Migrant Smuggling” by Carl Stiffler from DHS and Europol; “Cyber Crime” from Marshall Center Professor Phil Lark; “Trafficking in Scarce and Protected Resources;” and, “Weapons of Mass Destruction Trafficking” by Supervisory Special Agent Thomas Frye from U.S. Department of Homeland Security.