Marshall Center Faculty Present at Euro Atlantic Security Course in Sarajevo

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Marshall Center Faculty Present at Euro Atlantic Security Course in Sarajevo

By Public Affairs Office
George C. Marshall European Center

SARAJEVO (Oct. 20, 2016) - George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies' faculty Sebastian von Münchow and Pal Dunay shared their expertise and spoke at the Euro Atlantic Security Course held at the Peace Support Operations Training Centre (PSOTC) in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Oct. 14.

More than 30 participants from six nations attended the course where they learned about the foundations of global and European security issues as well as a greater understanding of key international organizations that are engaged in resolving contemporary security challenges.

Dunay presented and led discussions on his topic "Russia and Europe in Contemporary Security" and von Muenchow presented "EU's Capability of Peacebuilding in the Western Balkans."

“This was a great opportunity to speak to a group of young military and college students from the Balkans region,” said von Muenchow.  “The participants stressed a strong desire for Bosnia and Herzegovina to become part of the Euro-Atlantic community.  The mix of participants from different ethnic groups including a Ukrainian representative provided the opportunity for some lively discussion, especially when the topic involved Russia and Europe in contemporary security.” 

PSOTC was established to support the professional development of Bosnia and Herzegovina armed forces and operate as a Partnership and Regional Training and Education Centre to support Bosnia and Herzegovina’s contribution to international peace and security.