Future Cooperation of Military Academy ‘Alexandru cel Bun,’ GCMC encouraged

Future Cooperation of Military Academy ‘Alexandru cel Bun,’ GCMC encouraged

Future Cooperation of Military Academy ‘Alexandru cel Bun,’ GCMC encouraged

By German Air Force Col. (GS) Jörg Kunze
College of International and Security Studies
George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies


CHISINAU, Republic of Moldova (Feb. 21, 2017) – On the sidelines of the Conference on Economic Security in the Black Sea and Eurasia Region, one of the participating Marshall Center staff, German Air Force Col. (GS) Jörg Kunze, was asked by the Moldovan Vice Prime Minister for Reintegration, Georghe Balan, to present a briefing to the Post Graduate Course of the Moldovan Military Academy “Alexandru cel Brun.”

The Leadership of the Moldovan Military Academy received notice about this year’s Marshall Center’s Seminar on Regional Security (SRS 17-7) will deal – amongst other crises – with the way ahead and a possible solution for the future of Transnistria, and its relation to the Republic of Moldova.

As director of the SRS, no one else would have been more up to this task than Kunze, being the course director, to introduce the next SRS to the approximately 20 Moldovan course participants.

After a short general introduction into mission, tasks and programs of the Marshall Center, the course participants were introduced to the SRS course objectives, the impact of local conflicts on the security of whole regions and the idea of exercising the crises management skills of course participants, based on a real-world scenario.

A vivid dialogue developed, clearly demonstrating the interest not only of the Moldovan course participants, but also of the Military Academy Leadership.

Afterwards, the deputy commandant (rector) of the Academy, Col. Igor Sofronescu, expressed the wish of the academy leadership to establish a cooperation between the academy “Alexandru cel Brun” and the Marshall Center.

He stated that the impact of crises or conflict within the Black Sea Region on regional security is of great interest for course participants of the academy, and also, for the military leadership and key-decision makers within the respective ministries, the police forces and civilian authorities.