Marshall Center Professor Tova Norlén Publishes New Article

A photograph of Dr. Norlen at a Fellow's event at George C. Marshall Center.

Marshall Center Professor Tova Norlén Publishes New Article

By College of International Security Studies
George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies

GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN, Germany (Mar. 14, 2022) – Tova C. Norlén, Professor of Counterterrorism and International Security, has an article in the latest edition of Middle East Policy. Her article looks at the impact of the pandemic on regional security.  Middle East Policy Journal is published by Wiley Publishers. Norlén found that “the region will continue to face regional-security issues such as: political authoritarianism, violent sectarian conflicts, regional rivalries, and the radicalization and recruitment efforts by terrorist and extremist groups. The pandemic served to worsen the economy and fragility which makes violence more likely.”

Her article is open for free access through Middle East Policy.  Tova C. Norlén, “Middle East Pre-Existing Conditions: Regional Security.” Middle East Policy, 2 March 2022,

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