Marshall Center bids farewell to Director Keith Dayton 

LG Dayton speaking

Marshall Center bids farewell to Director Keith Dayton 

GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN, Germany (May 28, 2021) – The George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies farewells U.S. Army Retired Lt. Gen Keith W. Dayton as he departs after 10 years as the Director. Dayton is recognized for his leadership and strategic vision.  

During his tenure, Dayton was instrumental in finalizing a new Memorandum of Agreement between the U.S. and Germany which increased the Marshall Center’s ability to address current defense and security challenges.  His foresight and close working relationships led to the creation of a cyber-security policy program. Through his diligent and transparent leadership, Dayton maintained workforce cohesion through uncharted territory with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

His strategic vision and forethought postured the Marshall Center to address areas of growing instability and the functional themes of transnational security threats. He set the foundation for Western democratic ideals to be shared amongst participants and key government leaders through the Center’s various programs and its global alumni network.

On May 3, Dayton was awarded the Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Civilian Service for his dedication and contributions to the Marshall Center.  At the ceremony, Dayton magnanimously attributed his and the Marshall Center’s success to the people who served with him over the past 10 years. 

During his remarks Dayton stated, “An organization is only as good as its people. Look to your right and left, and you will understand why this is a good organization. It is all of you.”  He added, “Marshall was famous for saying, ‘You can delegate authority, but you can’t delegate responsibility.’ And I think, in that Marshall was right, in my case it was a lot of fun to delegate authority, but eventually the responsibility was going to be mine, and none of you ever, ever let me down.”

As of result of Dayton’s stewardship, the Center will continue to be sought after to solve complex regional and transnational security challenges well after he has departed.   

The Marshall Center staff and faculty express gratitude to General Dayton and his wife Carol for their service, commitment and kindness.

U.S. Air Force Retired Maj. Gen. Barre R. Seguin will assume duties as Director on June 1.