Tablet with the wooden words Truth, False and Fake.

In crises, there is no room for “post-truth.” Denying facts and the truth endangers lives.

COVID 19: Post-Truth Age – Or Facts Making a Comeback?

“We know the lament: Societal trust in institutions has waned, as the general population is more inclined to believe that institutions such as academia or the media are simply platforms through which the establishment tries to control the narrative in society.

A “post-truth” environment?

Amidst this crisis of confidence, the current “information age” is a perfect breeding ground for the perpetuation of multiple competing narratives, mistrust, confusion, sensationalism, polarization and creates what seems like a “post-truth” environment.

No question, social media play an immense role in this “post-truth” concept. But despite all the misinformation about the COVID 19 virus that is floating around, this pandemic has revealed an interesting twist in the form of an emerging truth.

It’s about the facts, stupid!

People can say what they want to say, but there is simply no getting around dealing with the actual numbers.

Numbers such as the number of cases, number of deaths, needed hospital beds, needed ventilators and witnessing the effects of one response compared with another on this set of variables. . .

Excerpt from The Globalist, April 17, 2020.

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