Transnational Organized Crime is Focus in New Edition of Per Concordiam Magazine

Research & Policy Analysis

The Marshall Center promotes the notion of a lifelong and vibrant learning community. The Marshall Center, a U.S.-German partnership, is dedicated to conducting collaborative teaching, dialogue, and research into democratic security building, with a focus on identifying and analyzing challenges in order to discuss and promote security policy responses that uphold the national interests and values of friends and allies, while mitigating risk and escalation.

The Marshall Center conducts research and policy analysis excellence for three reasons. 

  • First, professional participants need an evidence-based, research-led teaching approach that addresses real world challenges. Research and policy analysis provide timely insights into pressing security concerns and challenges with the goal of building the capacity of U.S. and German friends and allies to respond to, manage, and mitigate sources of insecurity.
  • Second, research and policy analysis—disseminated through bespoke Marshall Center publication platforms, peer-reviewed academic and other external policy journals, as well as in oral briefings to senior leaders­—strengthens our alumni and wider networks and thus builds intellectual interoperability, shared understanding, and cognitive resilience in the face of regional and global uncertainties.
  • Third, the Marshall Center recognizes the ethical duty of a publicly-funded educational institution to produce timely, policy-relevant research and analysis that serves the needs of our own governments and partners, as well as to curate, package, and transfer already existing knowledge and best practices to our course and event participants as well as our alumni through our courses and programs.

Research at the Marshall Center involves collaborative efforts by Faculty, Fellows, and Alumni, leading to multi-partner research projects that result in publications. Research and policy analysis is supported by a world-class, open-access Research Library, boasting numerous open source databases. 

For queries or details about Marshall Center-led research projects with a range of international partners, please contact Chair of Policy and Research Department at ResearchPolicyAnalysis [at]

For more information about the range of GCMC publications and collaborative opportunities for alumni and others in the Marshall Center network, please contact the Chief of Publications and Evaluations at GCMCCISSPublications [at]

Marshall Center Security Insights

Marshall Center Security Insights provide short analytical articles that identify, explain, and put into context significant emerging and current defense and security issues. The series is aimed at the needs of political decision makers and others who are looking for concise summaries and analyses of important contemporary security topics. The Marshall Center Security Insights are generally authored by Marshall Center faculty and staff.

Marshall Center Perspectives

Marshall Center Perspectives are short papers that document lessons learned and new insights and policy recommendations that have been developed in collaboration with our resident course and outreach event participants as well as our alumni.

Marshall Center Occasional Papers

The Marshall Center Occasional Papers are a series of monographs covering a wide range of political-military issues, with a strong emphasis on topics covered in the resident courses and outreach events hosted by the Marshall Center. These papers offer analysis of key contemporary defense and security topics of interest to our stakeholders and international partners. Occasional Papers are written by Marshall Center faculty, Marshall Center alumni, and invited scholars and security experts.

per Concordiam

The Marshall Center’s quarterly journal, per Concordiam, covers European and Eurasian security and defense issues. The articles featured in per Concordiam are written by resident course graduates and representatives of the organizations in which they work today. The editors of per Concordiam, an internationally distributed journal, also invite outside contributors to comment on key European and Eurasian security and defense issues;  these contributors include scholars, policy-makers, and practitioners.

Marshall Center Book Projects

Marshall Center Book Projects document the analytical results of Marshall Center collaborative research studies. These multinational, interdisciplinary research studies bring together distinguished scholars and experts from partner countries to explore and document common military and security issues from the perspectives of their own states and to draw lessons learned from comparative analysis of these studies.

Marshall Center Papers

Marshall Center Papers were the Marshall Center’s monograph series, focused on interdisciplinary, multinational comparative analysis interdisciplinary topics.

The Marshall Center Research Library

The Marshall Center Research Library advances and supports the learning, teaching, and research goals of our participants, faculty, and alumni. Our collection primarily focuses on global security, terrorism, cyberterrorism, international relations, strategic communication, as well as peace and stabilization operations, including crisis and conflict management. The library houses over 65,000 volumes of books and multimedia in English, German and Russian and subscribes to over 150 journals. We also offer access to a much larger collection by way of e-books, e-journals, online databases and other electronic resources that can be accessed from anywhere on-campus, or via the GlobalNET portal when off-campus. Our staff provides valuable services such as Research Guides and research skills instruction in classes and workshops, as well as individualized help.