Graeme P. Herd, Ph.D.

Professor of transnational security studies, Dr. Graeme Herd talks about approaches to international relations today in our 2020 Program on Applied Security Studies Main Modules Course.
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Graeme P. Herd, Ph.D.

Research and Policy Analysis

Areas of Expertise

  • Putin’s operational code
  • Russian strategic culture
  • Russian foreign and security policy
  • Russian strategic behavior

Academic Degrees

  • Ph.D., Russian History, University of Aberdeen
  • Master of Arts, History-Classical Studies (Joint Hons), Aberdeen University

Dr. Graeme Herd joined the Marshall Center in January 2015. He is a Professor of Transnational Security Studies in the Research and Policy Analysis Department. He runs a monthly virtual seminar series examining Russian crisis behavior, the Russia-China nexus, and the implications of this for the United States, Germany, friends, and allies.  

Prior to joining the Marshall Center, Dr. Herd was the Professor of International Relations and founding Director of the School of Government, and Associate Dean, Faculty of Business, University of Plymouth, UK (2013-14). He previously served as a Faculty member at the Geneva Center for Security Policy (2005-13). Dr. Herd was a British Council Scholar in Moscow from 1991-1992. He was a Fellow at both the Tampere Peace Research Institute (TAPRI) and Copenhagen Peace Research Institute (COPRI) in the 1990s.

Dr. Herd has published eleven books, written over 70 academic papers and delivered more than 100 academic and policy-related presentations in 46 countries.

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