Marshall Center Celebrated the Graduation of our 15,000th Alumna

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Marshall Center Celebrated the Graduation of our 15,000th Alumna

By College of International Security Studies
George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies

GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN, Germany (May 16,2022) - On May 13th, the Marshall Center celebrated the graduation of our 15,000th alumna, Andarada Halgas-Blaga from Romania. Halgas-Blaga joins her 37 classmates from the Seminar on Regional Security (SRS) as our newest group of alumni.  

Marshall Center Director, retired Air Force Major General Barre Seguin, announced the news during the final session of SRS. In his remarks to the new graduates, Seguin reiterated the Marshall Center's vision: "A unique German-American partnership and trusted global network promoting​ common values and advancing collaborative geostrategic solutions".

Seguin stressed that the kind of friendships and connections made during courses like SRS create and sustain the enduring network of Marshall Center alumni.

SRS is a three-week course that focuses on regional security challenges driving political agendas and public discussion. Central to this course is the examination of selected regional security challenges at the European periphery, past and ongoing, which allows participants to analyze parameters of regional security in a holistic (local, regional and global) approach. The current war and Russian atrocities in Ukraine figured heavily in to this year's program.

For those who are curious, the correct English usage of the word "alumni" is as follows: One male alumnus, one female alumna, many male alumni, many female alumnae, and the general plural term for both male and female is “alumni”.

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