Marshall Center Hosts a Virtual COVID-19 Seminar for Alumni from Southeast Europe

A graphic of europe with the title of this online event COVID-19 and Southeast Europe.

Marshall Center Hosts a Virtual COVID-19 Seminar for Alumni from Southeast Europe

The outreach program at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies hosted a “COVID-19 and Southeast Europe” Virtual Outreach Seminar with alumni from 11 Balkan countries on 21 May 2020. Alumni representing Republic of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Bulgaria, Republic of Croatia, Hellenic Republic, Republic of Kosovo, Montenegro, Republic of North Macedonia, Romania, Republic of Serbia and Republic of Slovenia participated in this interactive video seminar. The purpose of this event was to advance mutual understanding of the current and potential effects of coronavirus on the security environment in Southeast Europe.  The event was led by the Dr. Matthew Rhodes, chair of the Marshall Center’s Regional Studies Department.

This Virtual Outreach Seminar aimed to facilitate the sharing of analysis and perspectives on impacts of the coronavirus on the regional security environment in Southeast Europe. 

During the event, participants gathered original information and insight on how COVID-19 is affecting Southeast Europe and had an informative discussion on how to best emerge from the COVID-19 crisis in ways that support shared policy objectives.  The seminar built on a related Marshall Center Strategic Insights publication titled “COVID-19 and Southeast Europe” written by Rhodes and Dr. Valbona Zeneli, chair of the Marshall Center’s Strategic Initiatives Department and gave Rhodes and Zeneli an opportunity to discuss topics outlined in the paper with a group of active Marshall Center alumni from the region. 

The seminar was divided into three parts including an introduction of the paper highlighting the political and economic fallout from COVID-19, a period of participant feedback and remarks which gave each alumnus the opportunity to discuss significant COVID-19 impacts in their countries, and a discussion of the international, regional, and national policy measures that would be most helpful in dealing with the current crisis.  The event provided a valuable opportunity for participants to share their perspectives on the way that the crisis is affecting their countries and lives while providing important contributions to Marshall Center research and policy recommendations.  The event will help to inform the U.S., German, and regional stakeholder response to the coronavirus crisis as they work to understand the challenges and opportunities that the crisis may bring for Euro-Atlantic and intra-regional relations.

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Mai 21, 2020
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