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The Clock Tower Security Series

The Clock Tower Security Series provides short summaries of Seminar Series hosted by the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies. These summaries capture key analytical points from the events and serve as a useful tool for policy makers, practitioners, and academics.

Marshall Center Perspectives

The Marshall Centers Perspectives are short papers that document lessons learned and new insights and policy recommendations that have been developed in collaboration with our resident course and outreach event participants and our alumni.

Marshall Center Security Insights

The Marshall Centers Security Insights  are short articles that identify, explain, and put into context significant current defense and security issues. The series is aimed at the needs of political decision makers and others who are looking for concise summaries and analyses of current security topics. Marshall Center Security Insights  are generally authored by Marshall Center faculty and staff.

Civilian-Military Discourse

Civilian-Military Discourse is a series of papers that focus on relationships between military organizations and civil society. These papers offer in-depth analysis of a variety of related issues to promote understanding and consideration of civilian-military institutions and activities.

per Concordiam

The Marshall Center’s quarterly journal, per Concordiam, covers European and Eurasian security and defense issues. There are numerous foreign policy and security publications throughout the world; what makes per Concordiam  unique is its regional connection via the Marshall Center alumni network. The articles featured in per Concordiam  are written by resident course graduates and representatives of the organizations in which they work today. In addition to contributions from alumni, per Concordiam  is an internationally distributed journal open to outside contributors who wish to comment on key European and Eurasian security and defense issues; potential contributors include scholars, policy-makers, and practitioners. You can find further information on submission guidelines, deadlines, and topics in the related downloads section at the bottom of this page. The journal is also available on the per Concordiam  website

Marshall Center Occasional Papers

The Marshall Center’s Occasional Papers  are monographs covering a wide range of political-military affairs, with a strong emphasis on topics covered in the resident courses and outreach events hosted by the Marshall Center. These papers offer analysis of key contemporary issues being discussed by scholars and security experts. Occasional Papers  are written by Marshall Center faculty and research staff, Marshall Center alumni, and invited contributors.

Marshall Center Books

Marshall Center Book Projects document the analytical results of Marshall Center collaborative research studies. These multinational, interdisciplinary research studies bring together distinguished scholars and experts from partner countries to explore and document common military and security issues from the perspectives of their own states and to draw lessons learned from comparative analysis of these studies.

Marshall Center Papers

The Marshall Centers original monograph series, the Marshall Center Papers  are focused on key security, defense, and politico-military issues confronting a quickly-changing Europe and Eurasia.

Research Studies

The Research Program has also published four book-length Research Studies.