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Partner Language Training Center Europe (PLTCE)


"...provide flexible language training for US personnel while offering English and strategic language instruction and expertise for NATO Allies and worldwide partners."

* Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England's 1 June 2007 memo, Subject: Functional Transfer of Foreign Language Training Center Europe


The "Go To" center for defense-sector advanced language training practices and expertise for NATO Allies and worldwide partners.

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NATO Approved Education and Training Facility

In 2016, PLTCE was designated a NATO Approved Education and Training Facility by the NATO Allied Command Transformation (ACT) Joint Force Trainer. PLTCE earned this recognition by upholding the rigorous standards of NATO ACT quality assurance and successfully completing the NATO institutional accreditation process. The objective of the NATO ACT quality assurance effort is to foster standardized quality processes for curriculum development, instruction and school house operations that ensure courses delivered for NATO requirements meet high levels of excellence.

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NATO Approved Course

PLTCE’s English Department Courses for language teachers and testers as well as the online writing course for NATO staff officers have been certified as NATO Approved. This designation comes as part of the PLTCE accreditation status as well as through meeting the additional requirements of NATO ACT quality assurance.

For additional information or questions, contact us via email: PLTCE [at] (PLTCE[at]marshallcenter[dot]org)


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Bureau for International Language Coordination

Bureau for International Language Coordination (BILC) is a consortium of NATO and Partner Nation defense language schools and national military language testing offices. It is NATO’s consultative and advisory body for all language training and testing issues. As custodian of the BILC NATO STANAG 6001 language proficiency guidelines, BILC leads standardization efforts for all NATO STANAG 6001 tests.
PLTCE has had a long-standing role in the BILC Secretariat. In addition, all of PLTCE’s English Department NATO-approved courses that focus on language testing and education are conducted on behalf of BILC and the standardization efforts for NATO STANAG 6001.

For additional information or questions, contact us via email: BILC [at] (BILC[at]marshallcenter[dot]org)

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A Partnership Training and Education Centre

Partnership Training and Education Centres (PTECs) are a global network of institutions offering courses and academic seminars to both civilian and military staff from NATO and partner countries. Their goal is to improve the professionalism of national personnel, increase international troop interoperability, and conduct education and training activities related to NATO partnership programmes and policies. 

PLTCE achieved PTEC status in 2014.  As a PTEC, PLTCE conducts courses for NATO and Partner Nations in cooperation with other language school PTECS to provide training solutions in the area of language teaching and testing