**The GCMC is currently accepting applications for Fall ’24 internships. The deadline to apply is Friday May 17, 2024.  **

General Information

The George C. Marshall European Center’s College for International Security Studies accepts students to participate in its internship program. The duration of the internships range generally from eight to twelve weeks. Longer terms are possible on request if being a mandatory part of the student’s curriculum.

Interns receive a remuneration of € 800 per full month starting 1st January 2023.

Basic Requirements and Target Group

The internship program is intended for students enrolled in a bachelor’s or master’s degree program who are required to do an internship or who volunteer for an internship out of interest, provided they have not yet completed an internship with a German federal agency. Applicants must be enrolled as students at a university or similar educational institution for the entire duration of their internship and will need to provide proof of enrollment. 

All nationalities may apply. Applicants from outside the European Union, are subject to the regulations of the Federal Employment Agency (International Placement Services / Zentrale Auslands- und Fachvermittlung) and will require a work permit. The applicant’s major field of study must be clearly related to the mission, the purpose and the goals of the George C. Marshall Center, i.e. political science, law, international relations or economics.

Terms and Conditions of the Internship

  • Every intern will be assigned a faculty member supervisor who mentors him/her during the internship. The working language is English.
  • Accommodation at the George C. Marshall Center is not provided. There is no reimbursement for lodging expenses.
  • There is no reimbursement for travel expenses or meals.

Application Requirements


The George C. Marshall Center’s internship program is organized by the German Element of the George C. Marshall Center in accordance with applicable German law. The senior German representative at the George C. Marshall Center is in charge of the program. For the duration of their internship, interns will be considered temporary employees of the German Element.

The GCMC is a highly requested institute, and you will participate in a selection process which might include an interview. Once accepted, you will be rewarded with an interesting, challenging internship in an international environment – sure to broaden your horizon.

Application Documents

Step 1 (initial application)

  • Letter of motivation with the specific time frame of the internship, including information about the applicant’s academic background, research interests, and why the George C. Marshall Center is the right institution for the internship. College Courses | George C. Marshall European Center For Security Studies.
  • Current Curriculum Vitae, including a photo
  • Statement about citizenship(s), letter(s) of recommendation (if applicable)

Step 2 (after preliminary acceptance; prior to issuing the internship contract)

  • Police clearance certificate or security clearance (not older than 6 months)
  • Two-sided copy of passport or ID card
  • Certificate of university enrollment
  • Documentary proof of health insurance / accident insurance

All applications must be submitted electronically via email with attachments as a .pdf. No other method of application submission will be accepted.

The Internship Experience

Interns play an important role at the George C. Marshall Center’s College of International and Security Studies. Interns are encouraged to collaborate on papers or projects with other interns and faculty as well as attend and take an active role in George C. Marshall Center courses, seminars and lectures. We hope that interns will further their knowledge in their respective research fields and immerse themselves in the greater college community during their internship. Garmisch-Partenkirchen and the southern German region offer countless places of historical interest, sporting events, outdoor activities, dining options, concerts, museums, and theater.

Life in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a well-known ski town in Bavaria, southern Germany, near the Austrian border. Germany's highest mountain, the Zugspitze, at 2,962 m (9,718 ft.) is located in the region. In 1936, Garmisch-Partenkirchen hosted the Winter Olympic Games, the first to feature alpine skiing. It also hosts a variety of Nordic and alpine World Cup ski races, such as the World Alpine Ski Championships, which were held here in 1978 and 2011. As part of the Four Hills Tournament (Vierschanzen-Tournee), Garmisch-Partenkirchen hosts a ski jumping competition every year on New Year’s Day. Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a favored holiday spot for all seasons, offering some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the Zugspitze region, as well as endless hiking opportunities.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen will move you – with its unspoiled nature, vibrancy and Bavarian charm. You will be overwhelmed by its incredible beauty and breathtaking panorama. The local people will win your heart with their kindness, openness and honesty. You will enjoy your time here, whether it be spent experiencing the natural surroundings, playing sports, or just relaxing.  You will take unforgettable memories and experiences with you.

Community Resources

In most cases, interns move to Garmisch-Partenkirchen or the surrounding suburbs for their appointment. George C. Marshall Center interns have free of charge access to all facilities such the library or the gym.

Frequently asked Questions

Applying for an internship position

Is my research topic compatible with an area of research within one of the George C. Marshall Center’s programs?

The George C. Marshall Center’s faculty has a wide variety of employees from all over the world who have a regional or topic related focus. Please review the program descriptions and faculty bios carefully to find the best suited to your research interests. If you have further questions, please contact the internship coordinator.

May I submit additional materials with my application (i.e. additional letter of recommendation)?

Yes. Feel free to add any additional materials along with your application.

When will I hear back about my application?                                                                       

All applicants will receive notice within two month. 

May I defer my internship offer to the next year?

No, candidates are not allowed to defer internship offers. Internship offers are only extended for the specific timeframe to which applicants initially apply.

Eligibility for Internships:

I am in a Ph.D. program but have not yet passed general examinations, am I eligible to apply for an internship?                                                                 

No, pre-doctoral candidates are not eligible for the internship program.

May I apply for an internship if I am not a U.S. or German citizen?                                    

Yes. As a rule, applicants must be from either the European Union, the European Economic Area, Canada, or the United States.  Applicants from other countries may also be considered.

The Internship program:

How long is the internship?                                                                                                   

The internship can generally have a duration of four to twelve weeks. Longer terms are possible on request if being a mandatory part of the student’s curriculum.

Will I receive an internship certificate?                                                                                 

Yes. All interns will receive a certificate at the end of the internship.

What is academic life like at the George C. Marshall Center?                                             

One of the defining aspects of academic life at the GCMC is the diversity of perspectives and experiences brought by participants, who typically include military officers, government officials, diplomats, and representatives from various civilian sectors. This diversity enriches the learning environment, as Interns have the opportunity to engage in lively discussions, debates, and exchanges of ideas on a wide range of security-related topics. In addition to traditional classroom instruction, academic life at the GCMC often includes experiential learning opportunities such as field trips, simulations, and practical exercises. Interns are expected to adhere to high standards of scholarship, ethics, and conduct, and are encouraged to actively contribute to the academic community through research, publications, and presentations.

Regarding the internship remuneration: Do I need to open a German bank account?          

No. You will only need to provide your account details for transfer, preferably with IBAN and BIC.

Contact Information

To apply for the internship program or to request further information about the program, please contact the George C. Marshall Center Internship Coordinator, GCMCManagerInternships [at] (GCMCManagerInternships[at]marshallcenter[dot]org).

George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies
Captain Gianna Schuck (German Airforce)
Gernackerstraße 2, Bldg. 112, Room 214
82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen


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