The Marshall Center Hosts First Course on Climate Change


The Marshall Center Hosts First Course on Climate Change

By Public Affairs Office
George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies

GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN, Germany (23 May 2022) — 41 participant from 26 countries participated in the first European Security Seminar – South resident course focused specifically on climate change and security in the Mediterranean offered by the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies, 16-20 May. 

“Last week we had a premiere at the GCMC--we conducted the first full in-resident course on climate change. This was a deep dive into all relevant aspects,” said German Air Force Brig. Gen. (Ret) Helmut Dotzler, German Deputy Director of the Marshall Center.
Climate change is steadily transforming the Mediterranean basin, and the seminar focused on understanding how these changes can create or exacerbate safety hazards and security threats. Participants discussed how climate change affects security matters related to political and economic stability, trafficking, border control, migration, terrorism, strategic competition, etc.

“It has been a wonderful experience attending the ESS-S on climate change. The retinue of experienced participants, staff and management of the GCMC made the course experience very rewarding. My perspective on climate change, particularly as it relates to security has been enhanced, and I look forward to engaging further with the Marshall Center,” said Brig. Gen. Caleb A. Dalhatu from Nigeria.

From a strategic perspective, beyond the networking value and sharing of experiences, the seminar series generated policy-relevant recommendations for improving security cooperation.

“Our courses are platforms that not only bring together participants from all over the world to discuss key security issues, but also offer recommendations on how we can refine strategy and planning and move together toward geostrategic solutions,” said Dr. Benjamin Nickels, professor at the Marshall Center and course director for the ESS-S.

“Our goal was to educate, engage, and empower participants while mutually enriching our knowledge and portfolio. I am grateful to have served as a senior mentor in this seminar, as these shared experiences have provided me with new insights,” said Dotzler.

ESS-S on climate change and security in the Mediterranean was the first in-resident course on this topic at the Marshall Center. 

The GCMC is one of five U.S. Department of Defense Regional Centers and the only bilateral Center.  It is also the only regional center for the Federal Republic of Germany. An instrument of German-American cooperation, the center addresses regional and transnational security issues for the U.S. Department of Defense and German Federal Ministry of Defense, and maintains contact with a vast alumni network of security professionals.