A photograph of Scaparotti and Dean Michta.

The Dean’s Vision for the College

The College of International and Security Studies (CISS) is committed to the Marshall Center’s mission of providing the highest quality resident and outreach programming to our allies and partners, while building a network of national security professionals committed to peace and stability across the globe.

Our multinational faculty, drawn from civilian academics, policy practitioners, and active duty U.S., German, and allied military, is continually engaged in building a professional network across Europe and Eurasia to create a unique alumni community committed to preserving freedom, democracy, and peace through trust, collaboration and understanding among nations. 

For over a quarter century, CISS has worked together with allies and partners and remained committed to strengthening stability in Europe and Eurasia through our cutting edge professional education, research, and outreach programs that have been the hallmark of the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies.

I see the mission of CISS as inextricably connected to the larger goal of understanding contemporary regional and transnational security challenges and promoting dialogue and cooperation across national boundaries.

Andrew A. Michta, Ph.D.
College of International and Security Studies