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National Resilience In a Changing Security Environment

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Olga Reznikova


This book has a backstory – as Russia invaded Ukraine, Dr. Olga Reznikov reached out through the GCMC Alumni Network to colleagues at the George C. Marshall Center.  This book encompasses seven years of research and her fears were that her book would be lost. Ukraine’s National Institute for Security Studies (NISS) had intended to translate this to English and conduct workshops and other activities related to resilience. But war interfered.  And now we see resilience in action.  In the early days of the war, she was able to get the Ukrainian version of the book published and we have linked that for our readers able to read it.  We are translating the book to English and planning a virtual roll out of the book at a later date.  

For our English readers – we are posting the translations as they arrive.  We are ‘building the plane as it flies.’  We begin with the book cover and abstract and as each subsequent chapter arrives, we will post it to the GCMC website.  Without a concerted effort among many people within GCMC, this would not happen.  It is the best example of good people supporting a good cause.  And, it is a testament to the value of Alumni and their relationship to GCMC. 

-The Publications Team

UDC 321.015+321.02+323.21+351/354 

Recommended for publication by the Academic Council of the National Institute for Strategic Studies (Minutes No. 6 of October 6, 2021)

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Dmytro Dubov, the Head of the Information Security and Cyber Security Department of the Center for Security Studies of the National Institute for Strategic Studies, Doctor of Political Science, Senior Research Fellow;

Oleksandr Korniyevskyi,  the Chief Research Associate, Department of Humanitarian Policy and Civil Society Development of the Center for Social Studies of the National Institute for Strategic Studies, Doctor of Political Science, professor, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine;

Volodymyr Smolyaniuk, the Chief Research Associate, Yevhen Berezniak Military Diplomatic Academy, Doctor of Political Science, professor.

Olga Reznikova

National Resilience in a Changing Security Environment: monograph. – Kyiv, National Institute for Strategic Studies, 2022.

The monograph examines theoretical and practical aspects of ensuring national resilience in a changing and uncertain security environment. It provides an interdisciplinary theoretical basis for the development of practical national resilience ensuring mechanisms, reveals formation patterns of the national resilience ensuring system and its interaction with the national security ensuring system, and determines the peculiarities of forming national resilience adaptive management and system links. The monograph also analyzes national resilience practices in other countries to determine whether they may be implemented in Ukraine. It develops recommendations on a conceptual framework and model for providing national resilience in Ukraine, forming and implementing a comprehensive state policy in national security and resilience, and improving the relevant Ukrainian legislation. The monograph theoretically substantiates the processes of building the national resilience ensuring system in Ukraine, in which the author actively participated.

The publication is addressed to experts, scientists, professionals in national security, public officers, representatives of public organizations, and all others interested in national resilience. It can also be used while developing and adopting regulatory acts on legal relations in this field.

UDC 321.015+321.02+323.21+351/354

The opinions expressed in this book are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views or policies of the U.S. or any other government.