Hygienic mask for protection nose and mouth trash on beach in a sunny day.

The huge amount of clinical waste being produced dramatically heightens the risk

Unempirical Disposal of CORONA Focused Gears- a Potential Threat

At present, CORONA virus initiated disease COVID-19 has compelled to change the overall life style of the people. Although there were mask culture in some of the countries like Japan and China during normal environment, the similar practice was never seen in the South Asian countries. Masks, surgical gloves and other gears are considered to be the essential protection against COVID-19. The demands of these gears are overwhelming and increasingly so as the infection makes its way around the world. The huge amount of clinical waste being produced dramatically heightens the risk. Single-use masks are made of plastic and a thin strip of metal and are often not being disposed of properly. Masks and other protective gears used by infected patients and the medical staffs treating them should be sterilized and incinerated at high temperatures in dedicated facilities. Unfortunately, many a times, these gears are being strewn on footpaths and roads. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, mask use has gone up drastically. At the same time, a systematic disposal process should get priority.

Environmental groups have found thousands of them littering beaches and hiking trails in Hong Kong, where they pose a threat to marine, animal and bird life. That some masks could have been used by infected people adds an especially worrying threat. The infection can live for hours or even days in moisture and could be transferred should a person touch it and then their face. The organizations confronting the CORONA virus need to be alert and prepared as much for the virus as the medical waste. . .

Excerpt from Southeast Journal, March 31, 2020.

Lt Col Sarder Ali Haider, a graduate of PTSS 16-06, is a Detachment Commander with the Bangladesh Army Security Unit.

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