Seminar on Regional Security Holds Opening Session

Dir. Barre Seguin speaks at SRS opening session

Seminar on Regional Security Holds Opening Session

The College of International Security Studies held the opening session of the Seminar on Regional Security at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies, April 18. 

The four-week seminar brings together 39 mid-level security practitioners working in the government and civilian sector from 32 different countries. SRS aims to contribute to the overall understanding of relevant key security developments that impact security in and around Europe and related requirements concerning the reinforcement of defense, deterrence and resilience.

During the opening remarks Marshall Center director retired Maj. Gen. Barre Seguin said, “Two years ago we would not have thought that conventional war will return in this century to Europe,” adding “It is going to take regional, transnational, and global cooperation to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.”

SRS was established 10 years ago to explore developments and challenges in European Security. Today, it examines how relevant regional security issues, transnational risks and threats, strategic competition and the actions of key security actors affect security in and around Europe, and what are interrelated effects on national and collective security in the Euro-Atlantic region. Hence, the subtitle of this year's SRS is "Facing the War in Ukraine - Reshaping National and Collective Security in Europe and Beyond."

Dr. Bernhard Wigger, Swiss Professor of Regional Security Studies with the Marshall Center, explained, “The war in Ukraine is the final proof that history did not stop with the end of the Cold War. History does not repeat itself, but it teaches us some lessons instead: that conventional war remains a major concern and a credible deterrence and defense have to be kept up at any time.”

The 39 participants will be connected to an international group of security practitioners—including Marshall Center alumni, to foster effective bilateral, regional and global partnering efforts.

The George C. Marshall Center for Security Studies, founded on June 5, 1993, is a renowned international security and defense studies institute. A bilateral partnership between the U.S. and Germany, it is a lasting cooperation that promotes dialogue and understanding among the nations of North America, Europe and Eurasia. In 2023, the Marshall Center marks its 30th anniversary, re-emphasizing its commitment to carrying Marshall’s vision, an enduring legacy that continues through the security education initiatives of the Center.