Seminar on Regional Security (SRS)

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Seminar on Regional Security (SRS)


The four-week Seminar on Regional Security (SRS) takes place in spring and hosts mid- to senior working level military (Major through junior Flag Officers) and civilian government officials who have clear professional interest in and background knowledge of regional security issues.

SRS focuses on security challenges in Europe and at its peripheries with relevance for broader Euro-Atlantic security. The seminar is attended by approximately 40 participants providing them with background knowledge of strategic competition, relevant regional security issues and contributing to their overall understanding of key security actors and their modus operandi that impact security in and around Europe. 

Considering the unjustified war of Russia, the subtitle of the SRS 23-04 is: “In View of the War in Ukraine - Reshaping National and Collective Security in Europe and beyond.”


  • Provide background knowledge of strategic competition and regional security issues.
  • Contribute to the overall understanding of key security actors and their approaches / modus operandi that impact security in and around Europe.
  • Provide ideas and suggestions concerning the reinforcement of defense, deterrence and resilience.
  • Enable the exchange of ideas and best practices to enhance collective security.


The course methodology centers on daily plenary lectures—presentations by subject matter experts from an array of backgrounds—and the opportunity to discuss topics in greater depth in small seminar groups. These conversations governed by Chatham House Rules are facilitated by Marshall Center faculty and complemented by expert panels, exercises and a field study trip.

Social events supplement this academic program in order to facilitate the development of lasting relationships among the participants and GCMC Alumni bond together in our SRS alumni network which includes over 2,300 members representing 153 countries.

Event Details

April 18, 2023 - May 12, 2023
George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies
Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
How to Register

For application and deadline information, contact Marshall Center Registrar, your ministry point of contact, or the U.S. or German Embassy in your capital city.

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