Marshall Center Hosts ‘Corona Related Restrictions’ Virtual Seminar


Marshall Center Hosts ‘Corona Related Restrictions’ Virtual Seminar

The Alumni Programs Department at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies held a virtual outreach seminar on the topic “Corona Related Restrictions: The Legal Considerations,” March 10.  The seminar was in cooperation with the Bulgarian Marshall Center Alumni Association and the U.S. and German Embassies in Sofia.

Thirty-three Bulgarian Alumni and the U.S. and German Ambassadors to Bulgaria attended the event, where Marshall Center Professor of Security Studies Dr. Sebastian von Münchow discussed the legal considerations surrounding Coronavirus-related restrictions. 

German Ambassador Christoph Eichhorn offered opening remarks on the importance of the U.S. and German partnership of the Marshall Center and the crucial importance of multilateral cooperation in the global community. “The transatlantic relationship is of cardinal importance to everyone within NATO and the EU, and our aim should be to build and strengthen these relationships,” Eichhorn said.

U.S. Ambassador Herro Mustafa also offered introductory remarks, stating that the mandate of the Marshall Center and of its alumni is just as important today as after World War II. “The connections help build the leverage for transatlantic relationships to find solutions and share security challenges,” said Mustafa, stressing that this is a cornerstone of international policy. 

The seminar continued with interactive comments and discussion with senior Marshall Center alumni, discussing the legal implications of COVID-19 and the restrictions the nations face. During COVID-19 three important social factors are most influenced and challenged, said von Münchow. “It’s the trilemma of the pandemic: health sector, civil liberties, and economy.”  

He added, “It’s important to withstand propaganda insinuating that authoritarian regimes are better in handling crisis. A sober look at our Rule-of-Law inspired instruments at hand shows that western societies don’t need to hide.”

“I was very moved to reconnect with some of the alumni I know. It was great to engage with them on some of the pressing challenges brought on by COVID-19,” said von Münchow.  

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March 10, 2021