The Senior Executive Seminar, SES 22-15

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The Senior Executive Seminar, SES 22-15

Participant Profile:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
SES 22-15 addresses senior government officials at one star level or above (deputy and junior ministers, policy advisors, policy planners, security policy directors, ambassadors and flag officers), with bilateral or multilateral experience in the Euro-Atlantic area. Participants should be conversant at the strategic level and familiar with the risks and challenges posed by strategic competition, emerging security challenges, and the protection of the rules-based international order.

COVID-19 Information:

All participants must be vaccinate with EMA approved vaccines and agree to follow German and US COVID-19 travel and hygiene restrictions.


Language Requirement:

The SES 22-15 is offered in English only and the required ECL is 80+ or the equivalent level ALCPT, NATO STANAG, TOEFL, CEFR or university courses.  If ECL testing is not possible given COVID-19 restrictions, GCMC can waive the ECL and will accept verification of oral proficiency from the Embassy. 


Nomination & Registration Information:

SES 22-15: Nomination documents are due NLT 27 May 2022 to allow time for HRV and ECL testing. 

Event Details

July 10, 2022 - July 15, 2022
SES 22-15 will be held immediately following the G-7 meeting and the NATO Summit.
How to Register

SES 22-15 will provide a timely opportunity for US, German and other partner decision makers to take an in-depth look at how best to implement these strategies so that the key security issues of our time and their regional and international impact can be effectively addressed.

Key objective are, as follows:

  • Assess the transatlantic community’s strategic challenges and opportunities.
  • Identify areas of commonality and divergence and understand the respective underlying interests.
  • Develop ways to implement the elements of the transatlantic strategic design effectively and efficiently.
  • Help shape the transatlantic agenda to this end.
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