Seminar in Irregular Warfare/Hybrid Threats (SIWHT)

Graphic CISS Irregular Warfare/Hybrid Threats (SIWHT)

Seminar in Irregular Warfare/Hybrid Threats (SIWHT)


The Seminar in Irregular Warfare/Hybrid Threats (SIWHT) was created to help practitioners identify the actions adversarial states employ in the Grey Zone below the threshold of direct military conflict to undermine the national security of democratic states. The Seminar analyzes a range of IW/HT tactics including coercive economics, the use of proxy forces, cyberwarfare, disinformation operations, and “lawfare.” More importantly, using a Total Defense paradigm based on an inclusive whole-of-society approach, the Seminar introduces participants to a range of tools and analytical frameworks which will help their countries deter, defend against and improve their resiliency against IW/HT threats.  Participants will also be connected to an international group of security practitioners - including Marshall Center alumni - to foster effective bilateral, regional, and/or global partnering efforts.

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January 24, 2023 - February 09, 2023
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For application and deadline information, contact Marshall Center Registrar, your ministry point of contact, or the U.S. or German Embassy in your capital city.

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