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Foreign Language Enhancement Courses (LEC)

The Language Enhancement Course (LEC) is a five-week intensive program of professional-level (ILR Levels 2 and higher) language study at the Partner Language Training Center Europe (PLTCE) in which learners can discover, integrate, and apply culture-specific knowledge, skills, and abilities to enhance target-language listening, speaking, reading, and writing proficiency.

Online Language Enhancement Courses

PLTCE Online LEC is 150 hours of instruction with 6 hours of lessons each day conducted with 1-2 hours of video-conferencing for speaking and questions and the rest of the days, around 4-5 hours, is conducting reading, listening and writing assignments at their own pace at their own time zone.  

Online LEC consists of language assignments received and submitted online using the Google Classroom learning management system, then speaking and answering questions are done with video-conferencing system BigBlueButton (BBB) provided by PLTCE. This Online format rather than virtual format prevents screen time burnout and helps students conduct course at a time beneficial to student, not the instructor's time zone. The time of the video conference varies from class to class based on the time zones of the participants and an agreed upon time at the beginning of the course between student and instructor.  No one should be doing work in the middle of the night unless they choose to do so. 

This means, students should be able to work normal duty hours within their respective time zones and find overlapping times that work for everyone.


Online LEC 21-05    17 May 21 - 18 Jun 21    31 May – Memorial Day    

Online LEC 21-06    12 Jul 21 - 13 Aug 21

Online LEC 21-07    23 Aug 21 - 24 Sep 21    6 Sep – Labor Day


LEC 22-01    18 Oct 21 - 19 Nov 21    11 Nov – Veteran’s Day

LEC 22-02    10 Jan 22 - 11 Feb 22    17 Jan – MLK Day

LEC 22-03    21 Feb 22 - 25 Mar 22    21 Feb – President's Day

LEC 22-04    04 Apr 22 - 06 May 22            

LEC 22-05    16 May 22 - 17 Jun 22    30 May – Memorial Day    

LEC 22-06    11 Jul 22 - 12 Aug 22

LEC 22-07    22 Aug 22 - 23 Sep 22    5 Sep – Labor Day


The aim of the Language Enhancement Course is to help military language professionals achieve higher levels of foreign-language proficiency. 

Training Strategy

As more and more work centers set Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) Level 3 in Listening and Reading as the minimally-acceptable level of proficiency, PLTCE places a great deal of emphasis on the higher ILR skill levels.  PLTCE’s open architecture allows instructors to tailor lessons according to the strengths, weaknesses, needs, and interests of individual language learners.  Learners and instructors create an atmosphere of empathy and respect resulting in an anxiety-free and supportive environment for language learning.  All instructors are native speakers of the target language/dialect with academic credentials and relevant experience in the sphere of second-/foreign-language learning.

Final Learning Outcomes

Students show greater competence and confidence in understanding and producing target languages in accordance with the content, task, and accuracy requirements of ILR Levels 3 and higher.  Students demonstrate proficiency solidification/gains on a post-course Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) in Reading and Listening.

Learning Objectives

Students will

  • Understand and critically evaluate domain-specific topics such as Military-Security, Economics, Politics, Science/Technology, Culture/Society, and Geography.
  • Read within a normal range of speed and with almost complete comprehension a variety of authentic prose material on unfamiliar subjects.
  • Demonstrate the ability to learn through reading in the target language, regardless of the subject matter.
  • Follow accurately the essentials of conversations between educated native speakers, reasonably clear telephone calls, radio broadcasts, news stories, and oral reports on non-technical subjects.
  • Effectively combine structure and vocabulary to convey meaning accurately.
  • Reliably elicit information and informed opinion from native speakers.
  • Use the language effectively in most formal and informal written exchanges on practical, social and professional topics.

Student Comments From Online Language Enhancement Course

  • Reading/ Listening/ Speaking - absolutely everything. Time truly well spent.
  • The course was excellent, overall great content and instruction.
  • I was very impressed with the quality of instruction and ability of the instructor to adapt to the online environment.
  • I am very impressed on how well this PLTCE course went, considering it was the first attempt at doing a course online. My instructor was always well prepared, handled the technology with skill, and was an excellent teacher. Thank you for the course!
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