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GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN, Germany (June 4, 2018) – The Marshall Center is hosting the Senior Executive Seminar from June 4 to 8. The Senior Executive Seminar (SES) is an annual program focusing on a critical security issue of our time. This seminar is tailored to meet the needs of national ministers, ambassadors, legislators, admirals, general officers, and senior government officials. SES 18-11 will focus on "Countering Hostile Influence Operations from State and Non-State Actors.” (Marshall Center graphic by Dr. Stan Jones)

Fast Facts: Senior Executive Seminar 18-11 (SES)

Dates: June 4 to 8, 2018

Focus: Countering Hostile Influence Operations from State and Non-State Actors


  • Provide Participants with current analyses of various influences of strategic messaging and the challenge that alternative messages carry.
  • Highlight the role of strategic communication in crises and with respect to non-state actors.
  • Facilitate discussion among senior decision-makers.
  • Identify best practices and effective solutions to countering challenges that stem from strategic messaging.
  • Establish networks based on mutual understanding and shared political will to enhance security in a coordinated and internationally supportable manner.
  • Identify emerging trends and likely future developments in order to anticipate and prepare for challenges ahead.

Course Director:
Italian Carabinieri Brig. Gen. Sebastiano Comitini

Deputy Course Directors: U.S. Army Col. John J. Burbank and Dr. Pál Dunay


Class Composition: There are 81 executives from 51 nations. Of the executives, 75 are male and six are female. There are 42 military and 39 civilian executives. Nineteen of the participants have previously attended a resident program at the Marshall Center or one of our sister DOD Regional Security Centers.


Origins: The first Senior Executive Seminar was held in 2000, making this resident course one of the longest, continuously held resident course. Initially, it was held twice a year, but then became an annual course in 2014. SES alumni include more than 2,808 senior executives from 140 nations.

Last Time Held: June 5 to June 9, 2017