art news 1 28 apr 16

GenLt Martin Schelleis speaks to students attending Seminar on Regional Security on April 20. (Marshall Center photo by KarlHeinz Wedhorn)

German Chief of Staff of the Joint Support Service, GenLt Martin Schelleis visited the George C. Marshall European Center and the German element military personnel here on April 20, and left impressed after his stay.  

According to Seminar on Regional Security Program Director German Air Force Col. Joerg Kunze, Schelleis said Marshall Center programs offered diversity and the participant seminar discussions were outstanding. He thought the programs warrant more nominations by Germany, in particular with regard to the competence area of military policy, but he also saw greater opportunities for other ministries in the German government to benefit from the programs here.

A new Memorandum of Agreement was signed by the U.S. and German defense department last October which gives Germany greater influence on the programs and participants for the respective courses.

In a conversation with Marshall Center Director Keith Dayton, Schelleis saw the center as part of an "alive and successful" security cooperation between the US Department of Defense and German Minister of Defense.

During his visit, Schelleis was a guest speaker in the Seminar for Regional Security course. He spoke about the Streitkräftebasis (Joint Support Service) and its ability to help in a regional crisis. Participants were eager to ask him his perspectives on the role of armed forces in the context of effective conflict management.

Schelleis’ visit here was part of a larger trip he was on to inspect German military units in the area including the mountain music corps in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and the school for Atomic Biological and Chemical (ABC) defense and legal protection tasks in Sonthofen.