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The Program on Terrorism and Security Studies will take place March 2 to 30 at the Marshall Center.

Dates: March 2 to 30

Language: English Only

Frequency: PTSS is held twice a year.


  1. Develop and strengthen strategies for countering terrorism.
  2. Improve counterterrorism capabilities of partner nations.
  3. Encourage an understanding between enhancing operational effectiveness and respecting civil liberties and the rule of law
  4. Develop understanding about the transnational threat of terrorism and its potential evolution

Course Director: U.S. Marine Corps Col. (Ret.) James Howcroft

Deputy Directors: U.S. Army Col. Ken Cole, and U.S. Navy Capt. Thomas Welsh

Scheduled Guest Speakers: Ambassador David M. Satterfield, director general of the Multinational Force and Observers for opening remarks on March 2; Nigel Holmes | Principal Research Analyst, National Security Research Group (NSRG) National Security Directorate | Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK (ISIS expert); Dr. Benjamin Nickels, Africa Center for Security Studies [highlights Marshall Center's emphasis and collaboration on expertise from peer U.S. Regional Centers]; Sham Tekwani, Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies [highlights Marshall Center's emphasis and collaboration on expertise from peer U.S. Regional Centers]; Omar RODRÍGUEZ-GARCÍA, Lead Analyst, Criminal Analysis Sub-Directorate, INTERPOL General Secretariat [first time speaker from INTERPOL]; Hashi Mohamed [first time speaker -- will discuss antiterror legislation and human rights, UK experience].

Class Composition/demographics: (As of Feb. 28, 2017) 74 participants from 45 countries; 31 are from the military; 43 are civilians; 64 males; 10 females. Combatant Commands represented: 12 from U.S. Africa Command; 7 from U.S. Central Command; 23 from U.S. European Command; 1 from U.S. Northern Command; 12 from U.S. Pacific Command; and, 8 from U.S. Southern Command.

Origins: After the 9/11 (Sept.11, 2001 attacks on the United States), U.S. Marine Corps Col. (Ret.) Nichols “Nick” Pratt conceived of, created and implemented the Marshall Center's Program on Terrorism and Security Studies. PTSS has more than 1,500 alumni from more than 120 countries. The first PTSS course was in 2004, and so far, the Marshall Center has held 24 PTSS programs.

Last Time Held: July 7 to Aug. 4, 2016

Next Time Held:  July 6 to Aug. 3, 2017. Nomination deadline is three weeks prior to the start of the course.

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