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Dates:  Sept. 21 – Nov. 16, 2016

Course Description: PASS is an intense eight week resident course for junior and mid-level civilian government officials, military and security force service members and government academics who aspire to higher leadership positions and realize a network of trustworthy international partnerships are the foundation of success.  During the eight-week course, students will work together to identify the most significant challenges to international peace and security; examine how to respond to current threats; understand U.S. and Germany security organizations and decision making; and increase national capacity through security strategy development and budgeting. PASS is the foundational resident course for students enrolled in the Master of Arts Program in International Security Studies.

Course Director: Dr. Carolyn A. Haggis

Class Composition/Demographics:  This is the Marshall Center’s largest resident course. There are 108 registered participants from 52 nations; 83 are men and 25 are women; 62 are military and 46 are civilian; and 8 participants are Marshall Center alumni.

Origins:  PASS has a lengthy legacy dating back to 2005, making it the Center’s most enduring resident program. Up until 2011, PASS was held twice a year where senior military officers and government officials took and executive-level course or EPASS and less senior officers and government officials were enrolled in LPASS.  While the course length and curriculum has changed over time with global security challenges, PASS remains focused on providing participants a forum to build an international network of colleagues, further professional development, and strengthen skills in teamwork, leadership, and thoughtful judgment. More than 5800 participants from 136 nations have attended PASS.

Last Time Held: Sept. 29 – Nov. 13, 2015

Next Time Held: Aug. 30 – Nov. 9, 2017. PASS expands to a 10-week course.