The Global Countering Transnational Organized Crime (CTOC) Alumni Community of Interest workshop will be held June 20 to 23 at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies. (Marshall Center graphic by U.S. Army Spec. Christopher Green)

Dates: June 20 to 23

Title: “Countering Transnational Organized Crime: Global Case Studies and Lessons Learned”

Objectives of this Global CTOC Alumni Community of Interest workshop are:

• Share CTOC case studies, investigations, prosecutions, or legislative initiatives that highlight successful approaches to countering transnational organized crime, from which we can draw key lessons learned (e.g. an investigation, prosecution, or legislative initiative).

• Discuss and analyze key national, regional, and global CTOC challenges and develop recommendations to improve the collective ability to counter transnational organized crime.

• Develop a globally-networked group of CTOC professionals in order to improve coordination in countering TOC networks.

• Operationalize the network of CTOC-focused alumni from the Marshall Center and other Regional Centers by developing and strengthening ties between alumni, encouraging the exchange of ideas and collaboration, and providing a forum for partners and stakeholders to engage with, support, and elicit feedback from alumni.

Workshop Director:  Professor John Fencsak is the COI coordinator and the Program on Countering Transnational Organized Crime Course Director.

Number of times the workshop has been held: This is the sixth annual Countering Transnational Organized Crime (CTOC), formerly named Countering Narcotics and Illicit Trafficking (CNIT), Alumni Community of Interest (COI) event after successful workshops starting in 2012 through February 2016. This is the third consecutive global CTOC/CNIT alumni workshop with alumni selected from multiple U.S. Department of Defense Regional Centers spanning the globe.

Next Alumni Community of Interest Workshop:  This is the last COI workshop for Fiscal Year 2016.

Next CTOC: Aug. 10 to 25

Class Composition/demographics: (Registered as of June 17) 71 total Participants and speakers, including 68 alumni, 67 of whom are Marshall Center alumni, representing 30 course ranging from the Program on Applied Security Studies (PASS) 05-6 to CTOC 16-7 and one alum from Africa Center on Security Studies; 21 are from military units (30%), 50 are from Law Enforcement and other agencies (70%); and, ten are female (14%) and 61 are male (86%). Participants represent 45 nations, including:

  • 39 U.S. European Command (EUCOM) region alumni (20 nations)
  • 11 U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) region alumni (9 nations)
  • 6 U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM) region alumni (6 nations)
  • 6 U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) region alumni (4 nations)
  • 3 U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM) region alumni and 3 non-alumni (3 nations)
  • 3 U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) region alumni (3 nations)
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Photos from this workshop can be found on the Marshall Center Photo Gallery.