TOC Conference

A two-day conference hosted by the George C. Marshall European Center and the Georgia Ministry of Internal Affairs will help share best practices to combat transnational organized crime. (George C. Marshall Center poster designed by Aryn Lockhart)

TBILISI (March 8, 2016) -  The George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies and Georgia Ministry of Internal Affairs, are holding a two-day conference to share best practices, techniques, methods, cooperative arrangements, and other initiatives, which address countering organized transnational crime, 8-9 March, in Tbilisi. 

The purpose of this Marshall Center outreach event is to bring together professionals within the region and enhance their common understanding and support for cooperative approaches against transnational criminal threats. The conference will emphasize counter narcotics and counter illicit trafficking, foreign fighter movements, and border security. The conference will also focus on maritime operations by naval and coast guard forces to discuss detection, surveillance, intelligence, and legal challenges that exist between nations.

More than 60 participants from nine countries are participating in the conference. 

The conference includes presentations by subject matter experts, interactive panel discussions, and small-group, break-out sessions.