Admissions Information

Welcome to the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies Office of the Registrar!  We look forward to assisting applicants with their journey to become a Marshall Center participant. 

The Marshall Center’s objective is to bring together the best and most capable rising defense and security experts from a variety of government ministries.  Each course is geared toward a specific combination of mid- to senior-level career military officers and civilian government officials of equivalent rank.  We strive for a balanced and diverse participant body, policy-makers and practitioners, men and women. 

Participants greatly benefit from our programs and the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals as well as add value to an ongoing dialog on security and defense related topics.  Our goal is connect the right people to create a positive change for a more stable world.   

There are two ways to apply for a Marshall Center course.  In both cases the application process should start at least 120 days prior to the course start date.

Funded Participant: Government officials (military and civilian) who meet course admissions criteria must be nominated by their country ministry or agency and the nomination must be forwarded to the U.S. Embassy Security Cooperation Officer (SCO) in their country.  Once approved by the SCO and forwarded to the Marshall Center, final approval of the applicant is contingent on the GCMC Course Director’s acceptance based on the qualifications of the applicant.

Self-Payer: Individuals who meet course admissions criteria may apply through the U.S. Embassy in their country or directly through the Registrar's Office.  Selection for Marshall Center courses is granted pending agency or employer approval, course availability, and GCMC Course Director’s approval.  The Registrar's Office will provide information on the admissions process and associated course costs upon request.

The Marshall Center offers several resident courses focusing on Security Studies, Cyber Security, Transnational Organized Crime, Terrorism, and Regional Security. 

  1. Program on Applied Security Studies (PASS) - 10 weeks
  2. English Language Enhancement Course (ELEC) (Offered in conjunction with the PTSS, CTOC and PASS) - 5 weeks
  3. Program on Terrorism and Security Studies (PTSS) - 4 weeks
  4. Program on Countering Transnational Organized Crime (CTOC) - 3 weeks
  5. Program on Cyber Security Studies (PCSS) - 3 weeks
  6. Seminar on Regional Security - 3 weeks
  7. European Security Seminar – East (ESS-E) - 1 week
  8. European Security Seminar – South (ESS-S) - 1 week
  9. European Security Seminar – North (ESS-N) - 1 week
  10. Senior Executive Seminar (SES) - 1 week

Please see the Program Catalog (  and Course Calendar ( for more information about our resident programs.

Once an applicant has been approved for a course, the Registrar’s Office will send a confirmation letter with all the administrative requirements moving forward.  Please see our Participant’s Handbook for additional information on what to except at the Marshall Center (   

If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +49 8821 750 2327 or 2262.


Gwyneth K. Kozma

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