In close cooperation with the Bureau for International Language Co-ordination (BILC), NATO’s advisory body for matters related to language training and testing, the following seminars are conducted to assist nations in the areas of language instruction and familiarization with STANAG 6001:

Language Standards and Assessment Seminar (LSAS)

The Language Standards and Assessment Seminar (LSAS) is designed for English language teachers and language program managers. The seminar objectives are: to familiarize teachers and program managers with the STANAG 6001 Language Proficiency Levels for the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing; to provide guidelines for aligning language instruction to the NATO standards; to foster assessment literacy, including knowledge of sound testing principles and basic concepts statistical analysis; and to enable teachers and managers to develop and administer valid and reliable classroom assessments.


English Language Teaching Faculty Development Workshop (FDW)

The English Teaching Faculty Development Workshop is a two-week NATO-sponsored workshop for experienced language teachers. This practical workshop provides professional development for English teachers who work in their MoD or defense-sector language programs. It is aimed at improving the effectiveness of their English language instruction, thus ultimately resulting in increased linguistic interoperability for NATO and its partners.

The topic of the workshop is teaching speaking and writing for military purposes, which is often quite challenging for the civilian language teachers. In the workshop participants apply current active learning methods, including communicative language teaching, reflection and journaling as well as micro-teaching and become familiar with NATO standards and terminology.