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European Security Seminar – East (ESS – E) will be held at the Marshall Center May 14 to 18. (Marshall Center graphic by Zachery Sherman)

Dates: May 14 to 18

Languages: English and Russian

Title: "The Age of Post-Truth: State Influence and Strategic Communication: Developing Strategies to Address Contemporary Security Challenges on Europe's Eastern Flank"


  • To engage with partners in understanding the importance of strategic communication in its evolution and under the current conditions.
  • To better understand the objectives of Russia's strategic communication; it's gaining of influence; and, the complexity of its means.
  • To identify, compare, analyze and assess the reaction of the main Western players, including state actors and organizations.
  • To contemplate the potential further development in reaction to the effort of the opponent to gaining influence and using strategic communication.
  • To build further the community of like-minded states with the help of subject matter experts both among those who teach the course and those who attend.

The seminar covers four parts:

  • Part 1: Understanding Strategic Communication in historical context and in its recent evolution.
  • Part 2: Russia's efforts in different areas of influence, such as economic; domestic political processes of other states, including elections and media.
  • Part 3: Reactions and building resilience in national and international frameworks.
  • Part 4: Developing alternative policy recommendations.

Course Director:  Dr. Ralf Roloff
Course Deputy Directors: Dr. Pál Dunay and LTC Michael Schätzlein

In this video, Prof. Dr. Ralf Roloff, deputy dean of resident programs at Marshall Center’s College of International and Security Studies and ESS-East director, talks about this year’s seminar.

Number of times this seminar has been held: This is the third time the seminar has been held. The program was created in 2016. The success of this seminar and its counterpart European Security Seminar - South is the catalyst for a one-week seminar examining the Arctic Region, which will begin this year.

Class Composition/demographics: (Registered as of May 14, 2018) 55 participants from 19 countries. Forty participants are from U.S. European Command countries; three from U.S. Central Command; three from U.S. Pacific Command, and 10 from the United States. There are 15 females and 40 males. There are 15 from the military and 40 from civilian agencies.

Last Time Held: Jan. 23 to 27, 2017

Next ESS-E:
Currently scheduled for FY2019. ESS-North will take place July 19 to 13, 2018. This will be the first year for ESS-North.

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Photos from this workshop can be found on the Marshall Center Photo Gallery.