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The Program on Applied Security Studies (PASS) will be held at the Marshall Center Sep. 6 to Nov. 16, 2017. (Graphic by Marshall Center Visual Information division, Directorate of Business Operations)

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Dates: Sept. 6 to Nov. 16, 2017

Course Description: Held once a year, PASS is the Marshall Center’s largest and lengthiest resident program, running 10 weeks and involving about 100 participants from countries around the globe, including Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. Objectives of PASS are to provide a graduate-level education in security policy, defense affairs, and international relations, and create a network of security colleagues from widely varying cultures and backgrounds.

Origins: PASS began at the Marshall Center in 2005, when it was called Program in Advanced Security Studies and still with the abbreviation of PASS. At this time, PASS was held twice a year, and was 15-weeks long. It was also divided into Executive PASS or E-PASS and Leaders – PASS or L-PASS. In 2013, the name changed to Program on Applied Security Studies and held only once a year. Over the years, the program’s length varied from 15 weeks to 10 weeks and even, to seven weeks. This year the program is back to 10 weeks.

Course Director: Dr. Carolyn A. Haggis

Course Deputy Directors: Col. (GS) Carsten Treder, Lt. Col. (GS) Andreas Hellwig and Maj. (P) Christopher A Kreiler

Class Composition/demographics: 93 participants from 41 countries; 68 males and 25 females; and, 47 military and 46 civilians.

Combatant Commands represented: 11 from U.S. Africa Command; eight from U.S. Central Command; 55 from U.S. European Command; 10 from U.S. Northern Command; five from U.S. Pacific Command; and four from U.S. Southern Command.

Organizations: 42 from Ministry of Defense; eight from Ministry of Foreign Affairs; 13 from Ministry of Interior/Internal Security; one from Ministry of Justice; one of military command; two from military service; one from U.S. Government, Military Unit; one from academic institutions; five from other U.S. DOD Regional Centers; six from Government Police; and, 11 from other ministries, government institutions, and state and local agencies.

Last Time Held: Sept. 21 to Nov. 16

Next PASS: Sept. 5 to Nov. 15, 2018

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Photos from this workshop can be found on the Marshall Center Photo Gallery.