A new alumni association formed in Asokoro-Abuja, Nigeria on Apr. 8.

Ms Amina Halilu

Ms. Amina Halilu,  PTSS 13-7 alumna, Asokoro-Abuja, Nigeria on Apr. 2017

According to Alumni Relations Specialist Donna Janca, it’s the first Marshall Center alumni association to be formed in Africa.

“We learned that Amina Halilu, a Program on Terrorism and Security Studies (PTSS) 13-7 alumna, worked with other alumni to establish the new GCMC Alumni Association in Nigeria. She and a committee hosted a successful outing at a GCMC “Meet & Greet” event.  Twenty of our 75 Nigerian alumni were in attendance.  Also attending was the Nigerian deputy chief of defense intelligence and the U.S. Embassy deputy defense attaché,” said Janca.   

Nigeria becomes one of more than 24 nations that have Marshall Center alumni associations which work to strengthen professional networks formed as a result of our resident program participants.

A list of our associations can be found online here