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The Program on Cyber Security Studies will be held at the Marshall Center Jan. 31 to Feb. 16. (Marshall Center graphic by Stan Jones)

Dates: Jan. 31 to Feb. 16

Languages: English


  • To develop a mutual understanding of international approaches to cyber security.
  • To comprehend, analyze and evaluate defense and cyber security issues.
  • To cultivate critical and strategic thinking on transnational cyber security challenges.
  • To strengthen cooperative approaches to shared cyber security challenges.

Course Director:  Phil Lark
Course Deputy Director: AUT COL Gottfried Salchner

Number of times the resident program has been held: This is the third time. The program was created in 2015.

Class Composition/demographics: (Registered) 77 participants from 52 countries. Three are Marshall Center Alumni, two are Africa Center for Security Studies Alumni, and one is from the William J. Perry Center for Security Studies. Thirty-three participants are from U.S. European Command countries; 11 from U.S. Central Command; seven from U.S. Northern Command, 11 from U.S. Africa Command, eight from U.S. Pacific Command, and six from U.S. Southern Command. There are 9 females and 67 males. There are 48 from the military and 28 from civilian agencies.

Next PCSS: Currently scheduled for FY2018.



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Photos from this workshop can be found on the MC Photo Gallery.