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European Security Seminar – East (ESS – E) will be held at the Marshall Center Jan. 23 to 27. (Marshall Center graphic by Stan Jones)

Dates: Jan. 23 to 27

Languages: English and Russian

Title: “Hybrid Threats and Resilience Building in the Eastern Flank”


  • To engage a range of partners in understanding conflict dynamics in Europe's eastern flank.
  • To highlight spectrum of policy-practitioner thinking across Europe, Eurasia, and U.S. regarding Hybrid Threats.
  • To explore current and future strategic implications for U.S., NATO, EU and European Partners.
  • To highlight challenges to Euro-Atlantic states, institutions, identity and values.
  • To understand how Russia's behavior challenges the eastern partners and how Euro-Atlantic space might respond better to mitigate unintended consequences for these neighbors.
  • To identify current Euro-Atlantic vulnerabilities and how they can be exploited while building resilience.

Course Director:  Dr. Ralf Roloff
Course Deputy Director: Dr. Pál Dunay

Number of times the resident program has been held: This is the second time. The program was created in 2016.

Class Composition/demographics: (Registered) 61 participants from 26 countries. Eight are Marshall Center Alumni. Fifty participants are from U.S. European Command countries; three from U.S. Central Command; eight from U.S. Northern Command. There are 13 females and 48 males. There are 20 from the military and 41 from civilian agencies.

Next ESS-E: Currently scheduled for FY 2018. Course information can be found here.

ESS-South: will take place June 19 to 23.


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Photos from this workshop can be found on the MC Photo Gallery.