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Global Counterterrorism Alumni Community of Interest Workshop will be held at the Marshall Center Jan. 10 to 12. (Marshall Center graphic by Zachary Sherman)

Dates: Jan. 10 to 12

Title: “The Role of Women in Countering Terrorism and Violent Extremism: Sharing Global Best Practices and Experience.”


  1. Bring together and engage a select group from 1,500 alumni of the Marshall Center’s premier Program on Terrorism and Security Studies to discuss counter terrorism best practices.
  2. Strengthen counter terrorism efforts around the world through the efforts and experience of women leaders.
  3. Use alumni expertise to strengthen future Program on Terrorism and Security Studies courses.

Course Director:  Professor James Howcroft  
Course Deputy Director: Col. Ken Cole

Number of times the workshop has been held: This is the eighth successive Counterterrorism Alumni Community of Interest event that started with an inaugural workshop in October 2010.

Class Composition/demographics: (Registered) 76 alumni (including 10 alumni speakers) from 50 countries. Fifty-five are Marshall Center Alumni (representing resident programs from 2005 to 2016); three are alumni from the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies; two are alumni from the Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies; one is from the Africa Center for Strategic Studies. Twenty-six participants are from U.S. European Command countries; 23 are from U.S. Africa Command countries; four from U.S. Pacific Command; 12 from U.S. Central Command; one from U.S. Northern Command; and, one from U.S. Southern Command. There are 15 females and 52 males. There are 37 from the military and 30 from civilian and law enforcement agencies.

Next PTSS: March 2 to 30


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Photos from the course can be found on the MC Photo Gallery.

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