Group Photo

Bavarian and American shooters pose after an afternoon of target shooting and friendship. The Friday match was organized by George C. Marshall European Center Professor Jack Clarke and Friends of the Marshall Center's Thomas Radtke.  (Contributed Photo)

Friends of the Marshall Center invited faculty and staff to the 4th Annual German-American Shooting Competition last Friday at the Garmisch-Partenkirchen Shooting Club.

“There used to be a large German-American shooting contest held every fall that seemed to fade away,” said George C. Marshall European Center Professor Jack Clarke who helped organize Marshall Center shooters.  “Thomas Radtke (a former Friends of the Marshall Center club president) and I organized this annual gathering four years ago to try and recapture the camaraderie that event created.”

Americans were paired with a Bavarian to form a two-person team.  Each shooter shot five shots at a target , 100 yards away, and the best combined score won the match.  Altogether, 15 pairs competed. 

“I think events like this are a wonderful way to bring together the international community.  Not only was it a lot of fun, but we really got to know some of the local ‘Garmischers’ -- some of whom seldom have any contact with the US military or the Marshall Center,” said Army Capt. Andrew Upshaw.  “Just enjoying some good food and fellowship with these people really enables everyone to gain a much better understanding each other.”

Both American and German shooters from last Friday’s event hope a larger event like what took place in the past can return to the local area. 

“We looked at an event on a larger scale last year but it didn’t work out.  We will take another look and try from scratch,” said Radtke.