Rome March 2015

Professor Phil Lark (left), Dr. Valbona Zeneli (center) and Gen. Salvatore Gagliano (right).
(Photo courtesy of Center of High Defense Studies)

ROME, (March 27, 2015) — Professor Phil Lark (left), director of the Program on Cyber Security Studies at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies, and Dr. Valbona Zeneli (center), professor of National Security Studies at the Marshall Center, presented during the Global Challenges Course at the Center of High Defense Studies (Centro Alti Studi di Difesa) March 23 here.

Italian Gen. Salvatore Gagliano (right), a former Marshall Center faculty member, is the director of the Global Challenges Course at CASD. Lark presented “Cyber Security: What a Decision Maker Should Know?”

Zeneli presented “The Costs of Corruption: An Economic Perspective Challenging the Senior Leadership.” This initiative follows a traditional exchange of faculty between the two academic institutions.

This course is for international civil and military senior leadership. Participant countries included Arab and African countries bordering the Mediterranean, the United States and United Kingdom, Germany, France, Austria, China, Albania, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mauritania, Senegal, Peru, Somalia, Niger, Nigeria and Mozambique.

Managers from the Italian industry also participated in the course.