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Cyber security exercises and national policies

Perfect Symbiosis

January 2021, Number 10.04

“Cyber security exercises are perceived as one of the best tools for enhancing cyber security in the Czech Republic. They enable realistic crisis simulation in a controlled environment — and is there a better way to train/prepare for such a situation than to experience one? There are many useful and necessary tools (e.g., workshops, courses and conferences), but none can provide such a realistic opportunity as a cyber security exercise.

Like a Swiss Army knife, the exercises can be used for multiple purposes (see Figure 1). Such ability further underscores their effectiveness. The ability to reveal and highlight blind spots in national policies can be achieved by various types of exercises — including technical, tabletops, procedural and communications exercises. Some are designed to check and assess national policies, while others might achieve that as a side effect…”

Excerpt from Veronika Netolická and Petr Novotný, “Perfect Symbiosis,” per Concordiam: Journal of European Security Defense Issues  10, No. 4, 2021: 50-53.

Veronika Netolická is head of the National Strategy and Policy Unit at the Cyber Security Policies Department of the National Cyber and Information Security Agency of the Czech Republic. In 2018, she worked as a long-term researcher in Vietnam at the HoChi Minh University of Technology.

Petr Novotný is head of the Cyber Exercise Unit at the Cyber Security Policies Department of the Czech National Cyber and Information Security Agency. Among his responsibilities is the education of public sector employees through workshops and training sessions.

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