Ukrainian servicemen take part in the "Rapid Trident" military drill on September 19, 2014 near the western Ukrainian town of Yavoriv. Rapid Trident is an annual US Army Europe conducted, Ukrainian led situational and field training exercise designed to enhance interoperability with allied and partner nations while promoting regional stability and security.

Joint training initiatives improve security in the Balkans.

Training for Success

January 2015, Number 06.01

“Today, all aspects of life are changing, influenced by globalization, rapid technological advances and increased industrial production that contributes to environmental degradation and natural resource depletion. The nature of conflicts is also changing. These geopolitical changes require better prepared militaries. Therefore, military organizations must improve their effectiveness within the context of highly complex, unpredictable and demanding operating environments. Maximizing the use of intellectual capital has become of paramount importance. Cooperation and interoperability between the civilian sector and the military, especially regarding crisis management, terrorist threats and protection of strategic infrastructure, is a top priority for the European Union, NATO and each member nation.

South Eastern Europe Exercise and Training Network
The NATO Education and Training Network was established to support multinational and interagency cooperation in regional defense and security. NATO and the EU develop multinational projects and deliver needed military capabilities that can be used not only for military purposes, but also for emergency and crisis management in support of civilian authorities. The network uses simulated environments in computer-assisted exercises as a complex combination of live, virtual and constructive simulations to enhance readiness and joint warfighting capabilities of Southeast European countries...”

Excerpt from Orlin Nikolov, “Training for Success,” per Concordiam: Journal of European Security Defense Issues  6, No. 1, 2015: 18-23.

Col. Orlin Nikolov is commander of the Crisis Management and Disaster Response Centre of Excellence in Bulgaria. He previously served as chief assistant in exercise and training at the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense, is a graduate of the Military School and Defense Staff College and completed training at the Joint Special Operations University in the United States.

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