Mediterranean Basin Political Map

The Mediterranean remains a source of potential insecurity.

Safeguarding the Sea

April 2015, Number 06.02

“Dating back to antiquity, the Mediterranean Sea has beneficially linked the people of three continents. However, in recent years, unrest on the Mediterranean seaboard has introduced an array of problems to Europe. Political revolutions and governmental instability in Libya, Egypt and other North African countries, as well as the civil war in Syria, have driven an unrelenting flow of refugees into Europe. Stubbornly high unemployment in Southern Europe — and across the sea in North Africa — has fostered extremism and despair.

These unwelcome trends are partly counterbalanced by some encouraging economic developments. Recent gas finds in the Mediterranean hold vast potential — with some saying the discovery might lead the way to European energy independence. Others speculate that solar panels that take advantage of the region’s abundant sunshine could provide Europe with a significant amount of electricity...”

Excerpt from per Concordiam Staff, “Safeguarding the Sea,” per Concordiam: Journal of European Security Defense Issues  6, No. 2, 2015: 56-59.

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