People protest an exhibition backed by Russia’s embassy in Bulgaria titled “75 years since the liberation of Eastern Europe from Nazism,” in Sofia, Bulgaria, in September 2019.

Russia’s disinformation campaign in Bulgaria

The Fog of Modern Warfare

April 2020, Number 10.02

“In early 2018, Russian hybrid actions were stepped up to hinder the European integration of Western Balkan countries by exploiting historic relations and issues, as well as the unity of the Orthodox Church. For instance, the Russian Orthodox Church posted a video on its website of Russian Patriarch Kirill expressing his resentment of statements by Bulgarian President Rumen Radev, who had spoken of the roles that countries other than Russia had played in Bulgaria’s liberation from Ottoman rule. Kirill called Radev’s statements “false historical interpretations.” Later, the Russian news agency Tass circulated a speech in which Kirill emphasized that Bulgaria was liberated by Russia and not by “Poland, nor Lithuania, nor other countries,” overlooking the fact that soldiers from those countries had died in the fighting.

The messaging was part of a well-structured Russian hierarchical system that plans, develops and implements strategies for the coordinated use of military and nonmilitary instruments…”

Excerpt from Vanya Denevska, “The Fog of Modern Warfare,” per Concordiam: Journal of European Security Defense Issues 10, No. 2, 2020: 61-63.

Vanya Denevska, a graduate of PASS 2018, is a Parliamentary Secretary, Bulgarian Ministry of Defense.

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